We know that small changes and shared learning can make a huge difference in the provision of healthcare, especially when enacted with compassion. At the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow we have witnessed this worldwide. The HOPE Foundation enables the College and its members to act upon this knowledge by providing philanthropic support to charitable health initiatives.

Our members consistently demonstrate unwavering commitment, skill, passion and tenacity each and every day in their studies and medical practice, to deliver the highest possible standards of care to their patients.

Today the College has over 14,500 Fellows and Members worldwide and works in partnership with international institutions to drive excellence in healthcare.

Our Principles

The principles of the HOPE Foundation closely reflect the values of the College.

  • Partnership – we work in partnership with experts and organisations to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved.
  • Care and Compassion – we ensure that every project undertaken or supported has clear and relevant objectives. Our Members and supporters want to make a difference and we will always seek evidence of how this has been achieved.
  • Learning – we aspire to mutual learning between our Members and our collaborators. We aim to share all the learning from projects with our Members and partners to enhance their expertise and knowledge.
  • Influential and Inspirational – we support new and focused activity that will inspire others and takes a new approach to breaking down barriers to quality healthcare.
  • Integrity – we ensure that every project we support is monitored and truly in the best interests of the donors and beneficiaries.