The Board of the HOPE Foundation are delighted to announce the projects receiving funding in 2020


Glasgow City Mission for the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter

The Glasgow Winter Night Shelter provides temporary, emergency accommodation to those who would otherwise be sleeping rough during the coldest winter months. The night shelter has space for 40 people each night and works with some of the most vulnerable people in Glasgow. The project helps people access appropriate accommodation over a four month period.

Dr Natasha Ngwira for Malawi-Glasgow Laparoscopic Partnership

This project will develop a laparoscopic service at Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH), Malawi by training surgeons and trainees in laparoscopic surgery. This will also help to educate KCH’s nursing and ancillary teams. Currently, there is no sustainable laparoscopic service available at KCH and access to CT is limited. Laparoscopic surgery therefore has the potential to revolutionise surgical care in KCH.

Teapot Trust for Art Therapy in Paediatric Rheumatology

The project provides art therapy to children and young people with Rheumatic conditions at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. This is achieved through one-to-one art psychotherapy and open group art therapy. The art therapy interventions contribute to the mental health and wellbeing of patients by offering a safe space to express feelings about their condition.

King’s College London for supporting the delivery of Primary Trauma Care Training in Kongo Central, DRC

The two-day Primary Trauma Care course covers the management of injured patients, taking into account resource constraints experienced in low and middle-income countries. Training on this course empowers health care professionals working in resource-limited settings to deliver initial emergency care with limited resources.

PAMIS for PAMIS Wellbeing Project

PAMIS Wellbeing project makes a positive difference to the lives of unpaid carers of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD). The project provides access to high quality talking therapies and inclusive/accessible wellbeing activities. Unpaid carers of people with PMLD face very challenging living circumstances. This therefore specifically targets unpaid PMLD carers.

Dentaid for MalDent Project – Upgrading of Kamuzu Central Hospital Dental Department – Phase 2

The project focuses on the next phase of the dental hospital refurbishment. This will help with continuing to improve the clinical infrastructure that supports delivery of safe and effective dental care for patients.

Eiger Music SCIO for HOPE 2

This project will use music tuition as a means of improving individual and group health through wellbeing, social connections, reducing isolation, increasing personal and group confidence levels. Music can be transformational at individual, group and community level.

Projects that have received funding in 2018


Glasgow City Mission towards the Winter Night Shelter

This project in Glasgow offers emergency accommodation to homeless individuals over the winter months.   The team provide support to guests for housing, social support other services. Almost 600 people used the shelter last winter. Nurse practitioners from the local health clinics attend the shelter in the mornings to provide on-site medical care for injuries and break down the barriers that prevent homeless individuals from accessing health care.

Medics Against Violence for MAV’s Mindfulness Project

Glasgow based Medics Against Violence was founded by healthcare workers dealing with the consequences of violence every day. As part of their Schools Programme, MAV will run a mindfulness workshop for teachers working with young people in areas where violence and its health consequences are apparent. This enables teachers to introduce meditation as a calming classroom activity.

Eiger Music for the Fit-as-a-Fiddle Project

Eiger Music is a Glasgow community based charity working to increase the wellbeing, community cohesion and reduce isolation and loneliness through music workshops and ‘learning by ear’ opportunities for those living in difficult circumstances.

ReSurge Africa for Noma Flap and Microsurgery Training in Accra, Ghana

ReSurge Africa is a Scottish charity led by surgeons who bring training and skills to the medical community primarily in West Africa. This project will train up to 30 surgeons from across the region in micro surgery techniques, particularly to benefit patients living with the severe disfigurements as a result of Noma.

Diabetic Foot Management Training in Malawi

As part of the College’s ongoing partnership work in Malawi a new course for health workers will help them identify and address the problems of the diabetic foot, improving outcomes and reducing the need for surgery in areas where access to facilities is highly limited.

Vine Trust for a Volunteer Physician to Support Outreach Healthcare in Amazonian Peru

The Vine Trust is an international charity based in Leith, Scotland. It delivers medical projects, including a clinic ship visiting Amazonian Peru. This grant supports the costs of one volunteer physician to participate in a 2019 expedition. The 2018 expeditions supported around 180,000 patients.

King’s Kongo Central Partnership Safer Surgery Training

This grant supports UK volunteers to train 27 health workers from across disciplines in safer surgery and to further train 12 of these health workers to be trainers themselves so that they can continue to promote safer surgery across this area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This project is a partnership with King's College London.